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Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions That I Get, Some Are Even Answered In The Video To The Right:
"How does one acquire a real human skull?
Do you have a brick and mortar store or public studio?
In the old days it took forever to vet the sellers on Ebay to make sure they weren't grave robbing. Now I have relationships with medical supply companies that buy & sell old medical training skulls, museums and anthropologists.
Not at this time. I do a lot of travel in and outside the skull business and it becomes difficult to maintain a fixed location with employees and rent to pay. 
Is it legal to own human skulls & human remains?
Can I Will you my skull to carve?
It depends on where you live. Absolutely not in Louisiana. Some states like New York and Georgia are rumored to have laws that regulate the crossing of state lines with human remains. When it comes down to it, the laws are meant to prevent the trafficking of "Transplantable" human tissue. 150 year old bones are NOT transplantable. If you'd like to search your states for human remains laws you can CLICK HERE .
Yes. There is a 1500.00 non-refundable deposit, because lets face it, you're betting I'll live longer than you and I'd rather deposit that money in the bank. Then there will be a 4,500.00 carving and processing fee. See steps below:

1) The subject must not be infused with embalming fluid because of step 3.
2) The mortuary must remove the part you would like carved.
3) The remains must be cleaned by someone with dermestid beetles. 
7 Horned lamb Skull On a Hulu Show
Do you take commissions?
Have you ever had any paranormal experiences?
Yes & No.
I reserve the right to decline a commission depending named or unnamed circumstances ranging from the content of what you'd like carved to my availability. As always I will do my best to fit you in and make recommendations to what I think would look best the skull.

Quote includes price of skull, carving time and design difficulty.  

Real Skull: $2,500 deposit to start + remainder of quote when finished. 

Replica Skull: $1,500 deposit to start + remainder of quote when finished. 

If you provide a real skull the end fee is Less $1000.00.
Afraid not. I have a friend that likes to investigate that type of stuff and his nickname for me is "The Principal". When ever I went with him to a location normally very busy with that type of activity he said everything went quiet, like when a principal comes into the classroom.
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Are there some states where owning a real human skull is illegal?
If aliens landed in your backyard, how many pancakes would it take to fill up a dog house?
Louisiana for sure. Others have regulations about crossing state lines like: New York, Tennessee and Georgia. Most of those regulations have to deal with transporting "transplantable" human tissue across state lines. As you can imagine, a 200 year old skull is not transplantable. If you'd like to search your state CLICK HERE.
Blue, unless it's Tuesday. Then just put the toilet paper on the roll with the flap on the back.
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